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13 04 2008
Noreen Brox

I live and pay taxes in West Vancouver.

I retired from the practice of law a few years ago and am now involved in family businesses. Since retiring from law I have had the opportunity to observe the workings of local government, much of which I find frequently borders on the farcical.

Your group has done an excellent job of highlighting the financial situation of West Vancouver and I hope you continue on. I know from personal experience (the Capilano Suspension Bridge issue) how difficult it is for local residents to have any impact, and persistence is essential.

Hopefully one or more of you will run for Council in November. We really need to upgrade the level of discussion and competence. There are only 2 persons currently on Council that, in my opinion, deserve to be voted back ie. Vaughan and Soprovich.


Noreen Brox

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